Veterinarians mourns Professor Ate

The demise of Professor Iyorhemba Utim Ate which occured on Friday 10th July, 2020 has thrown the veterinary community in Nigeria into sudden depression. Professor Ate died at the Benue State University Teaching Hospital in Makurdi. Until his death, he was the head of Theriogenelogy Department, the director of Ahmadu Ali Center for Public Health and Comparative Medicine in the University of Agriculture Makurdi  as well as a member of the governing council of the University.

Professor Ate is a renowned scholar and researcher in veterinary obsterics and gynaecology with several ground breaking research publications to his credit. He is well known for works in reproduction and reproductive herd health. Professor Ate started his teaching and research career at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in 1991 and rose through the ranks to become a professor before joining the services of University of Agriculture Makurdi in 2013.

Several of his colleagues, mentees, and former students have continued to mourn the late scholar. Find below some of their comments as reproduced by livestonews.

Professor Ate was a veterinary general that contributed immensely to the advancement of the veterinary profession in Nigeria and beyond – Dr Edward Amali, Director Veterinary Service, Benue state.

Professor Ate was devoted to the advancement of the veterinary profession. He is such a committed researcher. He will be missed. – Dr S.M. Num-Adom, chairperson, NVMA Benue state.

Professor Ate was not just a colleague, he was a brother who related with all colleagues with absolute humility. He will be greatly missed.- Dr Felix Lawani

Professor Ate was an angel in human form, a colossus, a consummate professional and an administrator imbued with skills beyond the ordinary. – Dr Samuel Nguetyo.

The late Prof Ate was a Veterinarian with a difference with over three decades of dedicated practice to the Veterinary profession. He would be remembered for his academic prowess, which saw him attaining the peak of his career both academically as a professor and professionally as a Fellow; he was one of the first graduates from the Post graduate College of Veterinary Surgeons Nigeria in 2010. Prof Ate was endowed with good leadership as he was at various times head, Dean, director. He was very humble and did not look down on anyone. He was a mentor, as almost all of us who were taught by him looked unto him as model and mentor. He was always available, he was a workerhaulic, highly dutiful. He was interested in the very good of all his students and colleagues. Prof Ate made Veterinary profession very attractive and he distinguish himself among his peers as highly exceptional. Indeed the Veterinary profession has lost a rare gem, we have lost a collosus, we have lost a patriot. Adieu our late Prof, who we call Ultimate in our early DVM days from his name Utim-Ate – Dr Oladotun Fadipe, NVMA Secretary

I received the news of Prof I. U. Ate’s death with shock and great disbelieve. I doubted it at first but the source was credible hence my shock.  Ha Prof, you finally succumbed to death after all the challenges you went through recently! Prof Ate was my major supervisor during my M.Sc and Ph.D degrees, as well as the Fellowship project of the College of Veterinary Surgeons, Nigeria. I enjoyed unreserved access to him even at home as he was simple, easy going and a jolly good fellow. I learnt the rigors of research and academic excellence from him, this has helped shape my career. Prof was interested in the progress of his students and ready to help always. Our last interaction was about 3 weeks ago on Father’s day, unknown to me it was going to be our last. I have lost a mentor, I have lost a father-figure, I have lost a friend. I pray God grant us the fortitude to bear this loss, particularly his immediate family. May his soul rest in peace. Adieu Prof Iyorhemba Utim ATE.- Dr Adewale Adeyeye.

May the Lord grant his family and indeed the entire Veterinary family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. LIVESTONEWS.

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