Ultra Modern GS hatchery opens for business in Osun state.

With the commissioning of GS Agric Hatchery in Owode, Osun state, poultry farmers engaged in broiler production especially in Osun, Ondo, Ekiti and part of Kwara states can now stock their farms without stress anymore.  Prior to this period, farmers in these regions have had to rely on their supplies from Ibadan, where substandard dayold chicks from faceless breeders and hatcheries have almost taken over the show.

A visit to GS Agric hatchery located in Owode, Ede, Osun State will leave no one in doubt as to the seriousness of the hatchery to honestly serve the industry. The 345,000 eggs capacity hatchery which began testing operations on January 25th of 2020 is now into full scale operations churning out 200,000 quality dayold broiler chicks on weekly basis. According to Engineer Gazal Ajijolaiya, the managing director of GS Agric limited, the plan is to go full capacity by end of 2021 and there is further room for expansion, depending on market situation.

Speaking further to Livestonews at his office, Engineer Ajijolaiya said his focus is to produce high quality chicks for broiler farmers throughout Nigeria and thus biosecurity is paramount on both the breeders farm and the hatchery. ‘Our broilers are well known in the market and our customer base is spread across the 36 states of the federation, including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja’.

Some of the several customers seen at the collection point of the hatchery attested to the high quality of GS chicks. “I stocked 2,000 GS broiler chicks and the only one I lost by the end of the six weeks growing period was as a result of accidentally stepping on the chick at one week old. Not only that, I got average of over 2.0 kg in less than six weeks”, so said one customer.

The manager of the Hatchery, Mr Maruf Adesina confirmed that selection at boxing of the chicks is very thorough and at no time or under any condition are runts allowed into the box. Biosecurity is also a major concern to them.

GS Agric currently produces the Arbor acre breed of broiler chicks. The hatchery machines and equipment were obtained from and installed by Yunfeng, China which also trained the staffs of the hatchery adequately in the day to day hatchery operations.

GS hatchery is located at GS Farmers’ Center, Km 8 Gbongan-Osogbo road, Owode, Ede in Osun state where the chicks could be booked and obtained every Mondays and thursdays. Booking can also be done online at the company website

For orders 10,000 and above, the company’s customized transportation vehicle is available to convey the chicks to the farmers farm at no extra charge. LIVESTONEWS.

Hundreds of boxes of GS chicks
Chicks transporting vehicle at the service of customers
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