SAVAN Holds Her 4th Conference, Virtually

The fourth conference of the Small Animal Veterinary Association of Nigeria held virtually between Tuesday 21st and Saturday 25th July, 2020 holding on alternate days. The 3 day conference attracted small animal clinicians from within and outside Nigeria. Declaring the conference open, the president of the association, Dr Kunle Abiade stated that the conference is aimed at increasing the technical output of practicing small animal veterinary clinicians and strengthening the collaborative work that is already ongoing among members of the association. Dr Abiade who is the director, Petcare Animal Hospital, Lagos charged all small animal veterinarians to take advantage of the conference to equip themselves with relevant modern information that will be shared by speakers drawn from reputable veterinary hospitals across the globe. He called on members of the association to always pursue the vision of the association which is; to be the flagship organisation dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in small animal practice to the benefit of the society.

The first presentation of the conference tagged “the six cylinders of smart  veterinary business professionals” came from Dr Joseph Deji-Folutile, the founder of Word Farmers Center, Lagos and publisher of Farming Advice Digest. He charged participants to take their practice as a business and like every other business, work towards its sustainability. “This can be done through courteous forms of awareness creation while imbibing the highest level of professionalism”.

Dr Abimbola Oshin was the second speaker for the day. His presentation was titled “Case Presentation in Veterinary Practice”. Dr Oshin who runs a 24 hour emergency and referral practice in Atlanta, Georgia stated that the aim of case presentation is to communicate properly the details of cases at hand during case transfers between clinicians and for knowledge sharing. He rounded up his presentation by calling on all clinicians to always ensure proper documentation of cases in a well coordinated manner that will enhance easy presentation when the need arises.

Dr Stephanie Vredeveld, an alumnus of University of Veterinary Medicine, Ghent, Belgium in her presentation titled “the innovative management of allergic and atopic dermatitis in dogs” took participants through the causes of dermatitis and various treatment options. Dr Vredeveld advocated for the use of environmental friendly agents to eliminate vectors and parasites responsible for skin infection in dogs and cats.

Dr O.D. Eyarefe opened the second day of the conference with a presentation titled “Steps in surgical Asepsis”. Dr Eyarefe, an associate professor, consultant and head of Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology, University of Ibadan, stated that the goal of surgical asepsis is to enhance wound healing progression without infection, promote good surgical site cosmesis, prevent reinvasion of surgery and prolonged use of antibiotics that may increase chances of antibiotics resistance, reduce hospital stay and psychological as well as financial burden on pet owners. The surgery consultant who shared his wealth of experience in management of soft tissues and orthopaedic conditions in canine, feline, and exotic species called on all participants to always put the necessary steps in mind during preparation, the surgical process and post operative care to ensure aseptic procedures.

Another presentation on day 2 that attracted so much attention came from Dr Abimbola Oshin and was titled “Track your profits”. Dr Oshin stated that in as much as the primary focus of every health care venture is to save life, veterinarians must practice their profession as a business with profitability in mind in order to ensure growth and sustainability of their practice. The American based veterinary practitioner challenged veterinarians to seek knowledge about elementary book keeping to be in the know of the financial status of their business at every given point.

The last day of the conference being Saturday, focused on resolving dermatological conditions and nutritional disorders in pets. The first speaker, Dr Jeanne Budgin spoke extensively on the theme “The Approach to the dermatology patient; History, Examination and diagnostic tests” took participants through the various dermatological conditions from causes to management and prevention. Dr Budgin who is a former president of American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology spoke extensively on feline dermatology, diet, and nutrition in the management of allergic skin diseases, treatment of drug resistant infections, and immune mediated skin diseases.

Dr Philip Pierson rounded up the presentations for the 2020 conference on the topic “Nutritional Management of Gastrointestinal Disorders” by taking participants through ways of managing the nutritional requirements of pets with gastrointestinal track disorders.

The Small Animal Veterinary Association of Nigeria was established in 2015 and affiliated to the World Small Animal Veterinary Association with the objective of increasing the technical output of practicing small animal clinicians. In her six years of existence, the association has been putting together workshops, seminars, trainings, and conferences for knowledge update. The 2020 conference with the theme “Pathway to Practice Success” is the 4th in the history of the association. LIVESTONEWS.

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