Poultry Africa 2019: Day 3, Nigerian delegates meet to review their take home.

Poultry Africa 2019: Day 3, Nigerian delegates meet to review their take home.

The final day of Poultry Africa 2019 was marked with exciting moments, deals and take home messages. While exhibitors and visitors were sealing business deals and partnership, few technical sessions were also held which centered more on the poultry business opportunities in Africa.

Dr Solange, the deputy director general of Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board extended data backed invitation to potential investors to choose local production over importation. She was emphatic that both the investors (local or foreign) and local host would benefit more from this kind of engagement than the current import-distributor arrangement which presently dominated the poultry industry in Africa. She particularly encouraged investors to tap on the business friendly opportunities of Rwanda and the recent Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement to invest in Rwanda and the whole of Africa in general. Mr Dean Hewson of Huvepharma, South Africa advised that Africa should develop a common investment/business regulations, at least at sub regional levels, for veterinary pharmaceutical products in order to receive more foreign investment. A situation where regulations vary widely between neighbouring countries would not attract investors to local production.

Activities later moved to the open square where egg consumption was being promoted. School children were invited to feast together with delegates on different meals prepared with eggs. Many egg activists including the renowned Dr Piet Simon spoke glowingly of the nutritional qualities of egg and the benefit derivable from its consumption. He said he has been eating eggs on a daily basis since childhood and even now at his old age with no side effect. He advised the medical professional to wake up and discard the egg cholesterol myth. Mr Idowu Asenuga who is the public relation officer of Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), Ogun state chapter was also invited to speak on the challenges and opportunities of egg marketing in Nigeria. He painted a bothersome scenario where Nigeria with highest human population as well as the largest egg production in Africa, is still suffering from millions of unsold egg surplus every year, majorly caused by low per capita consumption. He however pointed to other opportunities for egg usage within the country such as processing into powder, of which effort is ongoing to kick start in the Nigeria.

Nigerian delegates numbering over 30 later gathered to review the take home from the conference. They were unanimous in commending the VIV on the international standard of the conference and exhibition and wished the conference could also hold in West Africa and possibly Nigeria. Many were concerned on the unstable state of the Nigerian poultry industry, especially the layer industry which record egg glut problem on a yearly basis. The current skyrocketed price of commercial broiler day-old chicks was also discussed and it was the general opinion that PAN at national level is not doing enough to move the industry forward. Many even believed that PAN is not aware of the enormous power that it has and that it can wield. It was resolved that every delegate should see to the development of their PAN chapters once they are back home, especially toward the coming national election of PAN, to ensure that right leadership emerge at the center.

The organizer of Poultry Africa announced Nairobi, Kenya as the host of the third edition of the event in October 2020.


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