PANOY furious; seeks divine intervention on the plight of poultry farmers

The Chairman of Poultry Association of Nigeria, Oyo State (PANOY) Mr Agboola Gbemisoye, was full of concern in his Sallah message to members of the association. He was obviously distressed by the current situation of poultry farmers in the state, which is a replica of what farmers across the whole country currently face.

Below is the reproduction of the chairman’s message released on 1st of August 2020.

 “This is to appreciate the Almighty God on behalf of all poultry farmers in Oyo state for His mercy, protection and His sustaining grace over our lives, families and businesses especially at this period of COVID-19 Pandemic and unfavourable government policies that affect our poultry businesses in no small measure. Meanwhile, with due respect I want to empathize with everyone for huge debts incurred during this period of hardship and unfavourable condition in the poultry industry. God in His mercy will reverse the unfavourable trend and divinely fight for us and recover every lost ground in Jesus name. Amen!

However, I humbly wish to challenge all livestock professional associations, all practicing stakeholders and all other associations that matter in the industry not to fold their hands on the current plights ravaging the poultry industry in Nigeria. Farms are being closed down daily with huge debts, losses and death.  Several other agricultural sectors got palliatives and support from federal government and agencies. Some selfish cliques and cabals collected and are currently hoarding what rightly belong to the poultry industry in Nigeria to the detriment of innocent suffering teaming grassroots farmers.

When egg was being buried in tears, when maize was being shared, when wrong policies were being made, to place embargo on maize importation at the very annual peak period of its scarcity in Nigeria, when farmers could not mill again for themselves because of maize scarcity, where are the professional bodies?

Why did our professional associations and leaders in the industry keep quiet? Why are National PAN and Southwest PAN quiet? It’s high time we realized that there is an attempt to hijack and monopolize this industry by a set of certain nefarious, greedy and selfish cabals purposely to promote their personal businesses and enrich themselves mercilessly. I charge every poultry farmer in this industry to wake up from our slumber and arise to resist this wicked cabal.

Finally, I wholeheartedly wish to encourage us all to please use this Sallah and New Month period as well as this weekend to earnestly pray & plan for the glory and true wealth of poultry business in Nigeria.

Happy New Month and Barka De Sallah.

Long live Poultry Association of Nigeria.

Long live Poultry Industry.

Thank you & God bless, PANOY Chairman”


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