PAN Urges Government to Streamline Taxes on Poultry Businesses

The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) issued a press release on Friday 26 July 2019 after its national executive meeting with a call on government to streamline the taxes levied on poultry businesses.

The national president of PAN, Mr Ezekiel Ibrahim, said the greatest challenge faced by poultry farmers in Nigeria is multiple taxes levied by the agencies of government. He said the moment a poultry farm opens, the different arms of government and their agencies begins to visit the farm with levies which are duplications in many cases. Sometimes, an investment of 50 million naira could be closed down because of five thousand naira levy. He suggested that the levies should be harmonized and made payable at once by the farmer while the government would decide on the formula to distribute the levies so collected among its different arms and agencies.

The Director general of PAN, Mr Onallo Akpa, eulogized the government particularly the Nigerian Custom for the clampdown on illegal poultry meat importation, which he said has seen the capacity utilization of poultry farms to move close to 50%. He however enjoined the Custom Service not to relent in its effort to tackle the smugglers whose activities poses serious danger to the poultry industry and the livelihood of over 15 million Nigerians involved in broiler chicken meat production.

PAN further implored the government to continue the egg based school feeding program to include chicken and extend it to all states of the federation as well as the feeding of internally displaced peoples, prison inmates, armed forces, police and National Emergency Management Agency operations.

The poultry industry in Nigeria is still recovering from ‘egg glut’ which hitted the industry few weeks ago. Many farms were forced to cull their actively laying birds when feed bills continued to accumulate and market for perishable eggs were not forthcoming.

Mr Taiwo Adeoye, a prominent poultry farmer in Ibadan welcomed the press release by PAN but expressed reservation at the media representation at the Press show. Mr Abubakar Inuwa of AIT Farm, Abuja also believed that what PAN is calling the government attention to is critical and timely. Some other stakeholders who  spoke to livestonews expressed their optimism at the PAN press release. They however expected PAN executives to follow through with action and not just make it an ordinary talk shop.

Watch the PAN press conference below;


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