OLAM Replies PAN , Says we are helping moribund farms.

Olam hatcheries limited, a member of the Olam Group in Nigeria, has replied to the accusation against it by the national body of Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN), which is the umbrella body of poultry farmers in Nigeria.

PAN national body had in a letter to Olam dated 24 June 2019 (a copy of which was available to livestonews) accussed Olam hatcheries of engaging  “in all activities of the downstream sector of poultry business:- brooding and growing of both layers and broilers, production and retailing of table eggs at comparatively cheaper prices thereby threatening the survival of many other small holder poultry farmers”. This according to PAN is against the earlier assurance of Olam to only “invest in the upstream sectors of parent stock, hatchery and in poultry feed production” as well as “support other categories of poultry farmers in the management of their resources towards making business and expanding their businesses”.

PAN accusation was a major headline in some national dailies in early July and Olam was fingered as one of the major causes of current egg glut in the industry, especially in the northern part.

Responding to the accusation in a letter dated 17 July 2019 (copy available to livestonews) and signed by Vijay Sharma, Olam hatcheries stated its own side thus

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