MAAN moves for an agreement with PAN and livestock feedmillers on off-taking of maize.

Following the suspension of maize importation as directed by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Maize Association of Nigeria (MAAN) make moves to meet the demand of maize consumers, especially the livestock sector. A statement issued by the president of the association indicates that the Central Bank of Nigeria is supporting maize farmers for the 2020 wet season under the Anchor Borrower’s Programme. MAAN is therefore hopeful that the maize yield for the 2020 farming season will surpass that of previous years.

To ensure the off-taking of the maize from farmers at the aggregation centers, the association had discussions with Poultry Association of Nigeria and some livestock feed producers at a meeting held at MAAN secretariat, Efab mall extension, Area 11 Abuja on Thursday 16th July,2020.

In an opening remark at the meeting, the Vice president of MAAN, Alhaji Hamidu Ghani, emphasized the need for maize consumers and MAAN to collaborate to see that the quantity of maize produced is sufficient to meet the needs of poultry farmers and livestock feed producers.  In his address, the president of MAAN, Abubakar Bello, reiterated the need for MAAN and stakeholders in the poultry industry to agree on topical issues that will lead to an increment in the quantity of maize produced to meet the demand in the country. The president presented the agreement drafted by MAAN and opened the floor for inputs from PAN and feed producers in order to arrive at a working document. Issues on the agreement which attracted comments were related to pricing, mode of delivery, quality assurance especially moisture content, and the terms of payment.

The Director General of PAN, Mr Onallo Akpa, who led stakeholders in a discussion insisted that the maize should have a maximum moisture content of 12% and the terms of payment be adjusted to give at least a week for off-takers to pay after delivery.  After several hours of deliberations, it was agreed that every player in the industry should go back and work on the document the way it fits them and submit same to MAAN secretariat within one week. MAAN on her part also agreed to draw conclusions on issues that were raised.

Reacting to the recent suspension on maize importation after the meeting, the Director General of PAN Mr Onallo Akpa entertained fears that the development may lead to gross shortage of maize and consequent high prices that may force many farms to close down and throw many into the unemployment pool.

“Government should allow the importation of a certain quota of maize for now to complement local production until farmers are empowered with both inputs and seeds that can bring about higher yields to cover the gap brought about by the ban on importation”.  Mr Akpa decried the high cost of livestock inputs and low prices of poultry eggs and meat. He blamed the development on inconsistent government policies and porous borders that still allows importation of poultry products despite the official ban.

The meeting had in attendance officials of MAAN and PAN, representatives of CHI farms limited,  Premium poultry farms, Grand Cereals limited, Olam Integrated limited, Hybrid feeds limited, Crown flour mills, and many  other stakeholders. LIVESTONEWS.

Meeting between MAAN and PAN at the former’s secretariat in Abuja on thursday16 July 2020.
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