Grand Cereal Introduce New Feeds into the Market

In response to the industry need, Grand Cereals Limited (GCL), the maker of the Vital feed brand, has introduced three new quality finished feed types into the market. This was revealed at the poultry workshop and exhibition organized by the Poultry Association of Nigeria, Oyo State Chapter (PANOY) in Ibadan on July 31, 2019.

The new products are;

Vital Fish Feed Fry Gold which is for hatchery operators to grows fry in a very short time.

Farmers Feed is a Layers feed targeted to the egg glut period for commercial table eggs producers.

Premium Broiler Super Starter is a broiler feed for farmers in short cycle broiler meat production

While presenting the new products to the audience at the workshop, Mrs Abiola Adekeye, the Brand Executive Fish Feed and Dog food for GCL explained that the Fry Gold fish feed allows easy transfer of fry within the very first week without issues; the Farmers layers feed is cheaper but yet effective and would keep farmers in business in the midst of egg glut challenges; the Broiler Super starter gets broilers to table size within 35 days.

Mrs Abiola Adekeye presenting the new products of GCL to the audience

Livestonews interacted with Mrs Abiola after her presentation on the products.  She further explained that the Farmers layer feed was first introduced in 2016 in response to the egg glut situation at that time but the feed was withdrawn when the glut was over. But this time the company intends to sustain the production and keep the product in the market. Farmers feed is cheaper than the standard layers feed by about N200 naira.

When asked how the company was able to achieve this without compromising the quality of the feed, Mrs Abiola responded that the company utilized mostly non conventional feed ingredients that are though not readily available. The feed is recommended for both crisis period like egg glut situation and birds getting to the end of laying period.

Mrs Abiola was quick to add that Grand Cereals Limited is ISO 9001:2015 certified which is a confirmation that all its products are of international quality and standard.

GCL stand at PANOY poultry workshop 2019
GCL stand at PANOY 2019 poultry workshop











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