Pursue Financial Literacy to Succeed in Veterinary Business -Dr Enahoro

The World Veterinary Councilor for Africa in the World Veterinary Association,  Dr Gani  Enahoro, has advised Nigerian veterinarians to practise their profession in a more business manner. To be able to do this he advised them to seek financial literacy.

“Adequate knowledge on financial management  is neccesary for a successful business and until such knowledge is applied appropriately, failure is inevitable. Pursue financial literacy in order to succeed in veterinary practice as a business” said Dr Enahoro.

Dr Gani Enahoro gave this advise while speaking during a webinar meeting organised by Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association for her members on 7th July, 2020 which was monitored by livestonews. The Doyen of Veterinary Medicine while addressing veterinarians on the topic “Mechanics of prudent financial management in veterinary business” identified many causes of failure in business to include financial illiteracy, “bag wagon” effect, impulsive decision making, lack of savings culture and improper ways of managing shocks such as the effect of the present pandemic on the economy.

Dr Enahoro who holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Harvard University while sharing his 33 years experience in private veterinary practice as the Medical Director of Gan-Rovet Animal hospital advised veterinarians to invest in technology by making use of appropriate softwares, build control over their investment by deploying checks and  balances, and adopt strict business ethics and discipline in order to succeed in veterinary practice as a business. Dr Enahoro who is also a member of the governing board of Veterinary Council of Nigeria encouraged veterinarians to develop  good relationships with financial institutions and government by paying taxes regularly and performing their corporate social responsibilities as these will position them to have access to loans when they need them.

He rounded up his presentation by encouraging all veterinarians to desist from every form of unprofessionalism as they practice their profession as a business.

In another presentation during the seminar titled deploying technology to raise your visibility and productivity in Livestock business, the founder and CEO of Vetsark, Mr Blessing Mene introduced veterinarians to the vetsark application that will be useful in the day to day operations in veterinary hospitals, pharmacy, laboratories, and other Livestock inputs stores. Mr Mene pointed out new and innovative features of the application include telemedicine where veterinarians can be involved in online consultancy for animal owners especially in the present era of covid-19 pandemic that  has restricted physical movement.

Mr Mene who is a social entrepreneur par excellence and has received international recognition for his innovations in Livestock nutrition, veterinary technology as well as entrepreneurship  training programs also hinted about another mobile application for farmers and animal health practitioners that will be coming up shortly. “The application called farmgod when launched will replace the manual record keeping system on farm”.

Earlier in his opening remarks, the acting president, Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association, Dr Ibrahim Ado Shehu stated that the meeting is the first in the series that will be held to equip members with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively practice their profession. Dr Shehu emphasized that the meetings will focus on critical areas that were not taught in school but are necessary for veterinarians to succeed in the practice as a business. LIVESTONEWS.

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