COVID 19: NIAS invites applications for research proposals from animal scientists [VERY URGENT]

The Nigerian Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) as one of the Nigerian Covid-19 Research Consortium (NCRC) set up by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) with the objective among others to identify COVID-19 research priorities for Nigeria in line with the World Health Organisation COVID-19 Research Roadmap, is inviting research proposals from its members.

There are 9 Thematic areas developed by the NCDC according to the Global Research Roadmap under the World Health Organisation. These areas are;

1) Virus natural history, transmission and diagnostics

2) Animal and Environmental Research on virus origin, and management measures of the human-animal interface

3) Epidemiological studies

4) Clinical Management

5) Infection prevention, and control, including Health Care Workers’ protection.

6) Candidate therapeutics R&D

7) Candidate vaccine R&D

8) Ethics consideration for Research

9) Social Sciences in the Outbreak Response.

NCRC adopted 9 Scientific Groups (SGs) in line with the thematic areas and NIAS has been placed in the SG for Thematic Area #2 above.

The procedure for the submission of research proposal will involve three stages which are;

i.  Submission of Researchable Topic

ii.  Submission of Concept Notes

iii.  Submission of Full Proposal

Only applications that scale through the first and second stages will be invited for the third stage.

NIAS hereby invites her members to submit researchable topics in line with thematic area 2 above bearing names of Scientists and affiliations and forward by email to: on or before Wednesday April 29th 2020.

This message was made available to Livestonews by the Registrar of NIAS, Professor E.A. Iyayi.

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