COVID 19: FCT Incoporates Veterinary Professionals in the State Task Force

The Honorable Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mohammed Musa Bello has directed the immediate inclusion of veterinary professionals in the FCT Task Force on COVID-19 management. Part of this directive was also an immediate training of veterinarians who have volunteered in the fight against covid-19 pandemic as well as issuing the necessary support required by the Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN) in the decontamination of live birds markets within the FCT.

The directive was part of the outcome of a courtesy visit to the Honorable Minster of the FCT and the Task Force on COVID-19, by the VCN president, CP. Aishatu Abubakar Baju to harmonize how the veterinary professionals can help in combating the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world. The Honorable Minister’s attention was drawn to the recent findings that the COVID-19 virus, has a zoonotic potential as discovered in small animals such as tiger, dogs and cats as well as its outbreak among employees of pork and meat industries in the United States of America.

The VCN president, who is also a commissioner of police, went further to note the importance of incorporating the veterinary professionals in the COVID-19 Task Force for a better containment of the viral pandemic. She informed the honorable minister that about 100 veterinarians have volunteered and are ready for training and deployment by the FCT Task Force on COVID-19. She further stressed that this will boost the technical capacity of the Task Force in achieving remarkable success similar to what have been recorded in other parts of the world as they employed this multi-disciplinary approach as recommended by the World Health Organization under the one world health to fight the global pandemic. LIVESTONEWS.

Courtesy visit to the honourable minister of the FCT and Task Force on COVID-19 by the VCN president, CP aishatu Abubakar Baju

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