COVID 19: Don’t donate your eggs to the government, Adejoro advises farmers.

“Until the health value of eggs becomes a household faith, Nigerians will continue to underestimate the value of this food nutrient”

These were the words of Dr Stephen Adejoro, an international consultant on poultry and livestock health while reacting to concerns of poultry farmers as they count loses due to COVID-19 lockdown. Dr Adejoro speaking through his social media handles said farmers and health practitioners need to take awareness on egg consumption to the next level and press on until egg become an inelastic product on our menu list like salt that even with escalating prices, people must include salt on their menu.

Dr Adejoro, who  is also a consultant on research and market development for Zartech Farm limited, warned against the idea of farmers donating eggs to government to be distributed at this period of lockdown. He said farmers should rather impress on government to appreciate the role egg plays in boosting public immunity to a variety of infectious diseases at this period and approve that egg must be compulsorily included in any packages of relief materials to the vulnerables in Nigetia. The livestock consultant urges government to use 15% of budget for palliatives to buy eggs from farms and egg depots to distribute to Nigerians to improve diet and increase resistance to novel and existing infectious diseases.

“Decision makers must know the value of immunoglobulin G in eggs that can act as passive immunity for diversity of infections”. Government must therefore harness eggs directly from Poultry Association of Nigeria for onward inclusion in food relief materials to the vulnerable.

The president and founder of Livestock industry foundation for Africa, LIFA, said Nigeria should copy France where every meal you are being served in a hotel room must have egg as an ingredient. He said this approach has taken eggs off the common markets such that if you request for egg omelet or boiled eggs, you will be hardly served as the bulk of the eggs go into menu as ingredient.

He went further to state that the present egg glut in the country cannot be dislodged from the present effect of the economic and social limitations from consumers capacity and condusive environment to purchase eggs for routine consumption.

The seasoned veterinarian with over 40 years experience conclude by advising people  to eat eggs regularly in times like this as it may help to improve immunity against COVID-19 in our communities. LIVESTONEWS.

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