COVID 19: 13 trillion naira livestock sector under threat, Says NIAS Boss

The Registrar of Nigeria Institute of Animal Science, Professor Eaustace Iyayi has warned that the entire livestock industry in the country could be seriously jeopardized as a result of the current corona virus pandemic, unless government take certain steps in favour of the livestock industry. Professor Iyayi featured on a Radio Nigeria national news on Sunday 29th March 2020.

‘Corona virus is of public health concern globally. It has very grave consequences for our livestock industry because if people are sick, they won’t be able to manage the livestock and produce the right protein as food for us to boost our immunity. This is why we are concerned for the over 13 trillion naira livestock sector in Nigeria’.

While answering a question on whether the animals are directly infected with corona virus, the NIAS boss replied, ‘The animals don’t get infected with the virus as of what we know now, however the various livestock businesses; hatchery, cattle fattening, broiler growing etc. will be seriously disrupted’.

Professor Iyayi then offered the following suggestions to the government response team on the COVID 19 pandemic

  1. Allow personnel on livestock services to move after proper identification and on movement related to the industry
  2. Government should make arrangement to offtake produce of livestock businesses which are perisable to sell at specialized markets at various locations

Professor Iyayi assured that the animal science professionals across the country are already placed on alert and are ready to voluntarily put their services forward should the need arise to jointly combat the COVID 19 pandemic.


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