CAFAN instructs members on catfish prices

The Catfish Farmers Association of Nigeria, CAFAN, the umbrella body of farmers producing catfish in Nigeria has directed all her members to sell table size catfish only at prices approved by the association. The open memo to members dated 25 January 2021 and signed by the National President of the association, Mr Onoja Sunday Musa and the secretary, Mr Michael Atafo and made available to Livestonews indicates that catfish weighing less than 500 g will be sold at 900 naira per kg while those weighing 500 – 900 g will be sold at 1000 naira per kg. The statement also indicates that catfish weighing 1 – 1.4 kg will be sold for 1200 naira per kg while those weighing 1.5 – 2 kilo will be sold at 1500 naira per kg.

In a chat with Livestonews, the president stated that the price increase is due to the current increase in prices of feed which is now making it difficult for farmers to break even in their business.

‘This development has forced so many fish farmers to close down and we have to act very fast to save the industry from collapsing’.  Mr Onoja also disclosed that the association is partnering with two major feed producing companies to produce quality feed for farmers at affordable rates thereby reducing cost instead of relying on imported fish feeds that are being sold at exorbitant rates. He also disclosed that the association has acquired kilns from the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for members to go into drying of fish for preservation. The national president called on all members of the association to remain resolute and hopeful that things will soon improve and the fish industry will grow to the desired level.  LIVESTONEWS.

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