Broiler Chicken Farming is Now a Game of Hours, not Days – Dr Wageti

The rising cost of day old chicks, feed ingredients especially maize, and other poultry inputs coupled with the decline in the price of chicken meat has impacted negatively on broiler chicken farming, as farmers now make little or no profit on their investments.

In order to equip farmers with new trends in broiler chicken farming that will help raise the bar of efficiency and maximise the genetic potential of the broiler bird for a profitable venture, Adamore Nigeria limited in conjunction with Farm 360 organised a vitual training session for broiler farmers across the country. Speaking during the one day webinar training which held on Saturday, 18th July 2020, the sales/marketing manager of Adamore Nigeria limited, Dr James Baba Wageti advised farmers to now view broiler farming as a game of hours and not days.

“Broiler business is a matter of hours and every minute is critical to the growth and development of the broiler chicken. This is invariably vital to the rate of feed conversion and the efficiency of the digestive system”. Dr Wageti took farmers through modern broiler production concepts that must be practiced by every broiler farmer in order to maximise profit. The seasoned poultry veterinarian with almost 3 decades experience stated that every broiler farmer must target highest possible weight gain, excellent feed conversion rate and minimal mortality rate of less than 5% to be able to make profit. He advised farmers to place the life span of the broiler chicken at 1,000 hours and give maximum attention to the first 330 hours of life when the digestive tract and other features of the bird are rapidly developing in order to get the highest possible weight gain at the end of 1,000 hours. He added that farmers must source for day old chicks from reputable hatcheries to get best quality chicks that will give good results within the shortest possible time under good management practices.

Dr Wageti ended his presentation by giving detailed guidelines on farm management practices that will reduce the incidence of disease and improve the health of the broiler chicken.

Farm 360 is an integrated farm located in Ogun state. The farm has been into broiler chicken production and processing for the past 7 years and currently turns out a minimum of 32,000 dressed broiler chickens into the market every two months. LIVESTONEWS.

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