Ashish Life Science make in-road into the Nigerian market

With 16 years of experience and presence in 60 countries around the world, the Indian veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer, Ashish Life Science Pvt limited is set to make meaningful difference in the Nigeria’s livestock space. The company recently launched its entrance into the Nigeria market with over 150 products.

While speaking at the launching which held at the banquet hall, Royal Tropical Hotel, Kano on 2nd March, 2020,  Mr Sunil Kumar Peram, the company’s regional head for West Africa stated that the company is committed to producing best quality and safe drugs and feed supplements for poultry, livestock, and companion animals.

“We believe in creating values in the human-animal ecosystem as the quality of our products is beyond the horizon of any negotiation” said Mr Sunil. He further stated that the company’s world class laboratories are positioned to always carry out research that would ensure quality products that would meet the expectations of animal owners.

The technical officer of Ashish Life Science limited, Dr Amardeep Madhavrao Athawale took time to explain the functional qualities of some of the products to the audience, stating the numerous benefits of products that are carefully selected to meet the needs of the Nigerian livestock industry.

In their separate remarks, the managing Director of DK Agrovet Ventures, Kano, Alhaji Garba Abdullahi and the representative of the Director of Veterinary Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Kano, Dr Shehu appreciated Ashish Life Science limited for choosing Kano as a pivot location to unveil their products in Northern Nigeria.  Dr Shehu then admonished the company to do more in the area of sensitizing farmers on responsible use of antimicrobials to curb the increasing resistance against antimicrobials by livestocks.

The launching was attended by animal health practitioners in private and public sectors, farmers and livestock inputs sellers.

Ashish Life Science Pvt Limited is an indian based veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer established in 2002 and is currently supplying products to 60 countries around the world, including Nigeria.


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