Animal Scientists Set to Checkmate Quackery in the Livestock Industry

With the gazetting of ANIMAL SCIENCE PRACTISE REGULATION IN NIGERIA  by the Federal Government of Nigeria on 5th October 2020, the Nigeria Institute of Animal Science has further moved to stamped out quackery in the practice of animal science in the country.

The regulation provides for only animal scientists certified by the Nigeria Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) to engage in the practise of animal science.  Part II Section 3-5 of the regulation states;

Pursuant to the provisions of section 15 of the NIAS Act 2007, section 25 of NIAS (Amendment) Act 2015 and Subject to the provisions of subsection (4) above, no Corporate body or Individual shall carry out Animal Science practice including but not limited to trainings, seminars and workshops without engaging the services of a Registered Animal Scientist either on full-time or part-time basis. Such a Registered Animal Scientist so engaged, must have the current Annual Practicing License.”

Quackery in animal science practice is one of the banes of livestock industry in Nigeria, as many farms and investors have been victims of wrong guidance and advice from quacks claiming to be professional animal scientists.  It is common to see or hear of adverts in news media of seminars in different areas of animal production anchored by personnel with no official training in animal science. These quacks often dish out unverifiable and unrealistic information on the production performance of farm animals under Nigeria clime. Many investors who based their investment in animal agriculture on such information have often had to regret. Many of such farms usually fold up prematurely.

This new gazette stipulates stiff penalties for any individual or corporate body that runs foul of the regulation. Some livestock industry stakeholders have described the new regulation as the homing device required by animal scientists to check all forms of quackery in animal science practice in both the public and private sectors.

The pioneer registrar of NIAS, Dr Oyedele Oyediji, enjoined animal scientists to become battle ready and offensive as they now have a good weapon to fight quacks. LIVESTONEWS.

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