AGRF 2019: Ghana seeks foreign investment in its livestock sector


The government of Ghana has called out to investors from around the world for direct investment in its agricultural sector including livestock.  The call was made by Ghana’s Minister of Food and Agriculture, Hon. Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto during the 2019 AGRF event hosted by the Government of Ghana.

While launching the AGRF 2019 Agribusiness Deal Room, the minister elaborated on the ‘Rearing for Food and Job (RFJ)’ policy of the government which was launched in July 2019. RFJ is focused on building significant local capacity in commercial operators and small-holders as well as new entrants in the livestock value chain business, particularly poultry. Ghana intends to transform its livestock production equation from limited and subsistence production to a controlled full measure production self sufficiency.

Launching of the AGRF 2019 Deal Room

To demonstrate the commitment of Ghana to an open investment policy, the Minister accompanied by his counterpart in the Ministry of Finance, Hon. Ken Ofori-Atta, later engaged potential investors in a deal room chat, where statistics of the investment opportunities were presented.

Presenting on the RFJ policy, Mr Edwin Bokoe, the director of livestock services in the ministry, revealed that investment opportunities exist in medium and large scale broiler production; slaughtering, cold storage, transportation and distribution of poultry meat; hatchery and breeder farms, feedmilling as well as veterinary services. According to Mr Bokoe, data revealed that Ghana’s local production is meeting less than 25 % of its broiler meat demand thus the country relies heavily on importation. The country therefore seeks significant investment in localized value-added production for poultry.

Ghana’s Ministers of Agriculture and Finance addressing potential investors in the deal room during AGRF 2019


Potential investors during a chat with Ghana’s Minister of Agriculture during AGRF 2019


The Minister of Food and Agriculture assured potential investors in the deal room that environmental and policy conditions for new entrants are ideal and he welcomed further discussions and engagement with his ministry.

African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) has turned out to be the biggest high level agricultural meeting on the African continent holding yearly since 2010. It is organized by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya and hosted by Head of State of African countries.  Initially established as an annual ‘African Green Revolution Conference’ by Yara International ASA in Norway in 2006, the conference moved to the African continent (Ghana) in 2010 with the championing of the late Kofi Annan to take an African identity as African Green Revolution Forum. The 2019 AGRF is again hosted in Accra, Ghana (2 – 6 September, 2019)in the same hall where it started nine years ago and is being attended by LiVESTONEWS editor under invitation.


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