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The Entrepreneur: Bode Adetoyi
It would be absurd to ask a blind man to show the way or a cobler to lead the war front. How logical is it for a divorcee to seek marital advice from a spinster. And what would be the outcome of an expedition without a strategic plan.

https://www.livestonews.com.ng/articles/sponsored-ad/the-entrepreneur-bode-adetoyi/An entrepreneurial mind will choose business over job, profit over wages, dare rather than sag and invest rather than save. Even an entrepreneur monkey will know that money can buy a lot of bananas.

You won’t have to fail in your first attempt at business nor lose your first election or wait endlessly for luck to come your way when you are trained to recognize opportunities.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of the bestselling book “Rich dad, poor dad” said: “One of the reasons poor are poor, is because they are not trained to recognize entrepreneurship opportunities” and the late Tai Solarin said the rich are rich because they make themselves rich, likewise the poor.

Who else should train the entrepreneurship mind other than an Entrepreneur. Who can better demonstrate how to turn ₦150,000 to ₦2 billion if not a tea hawker turned CEO.

Dr Olabode Adetoyi’s 423 paged autobiography provides answers to frequently asked questions for entrepreneurial minds and guidance for all would be entrepreneurs.

The book published by “The Bookseller Limited” was launched in February 2019. So far it is selling hot and a must have for all young graduates, especially of agricultural discipline.

“The Entrepreneur” is a laid down practical pathway that saw the author, Prince Bode Adetoyi achieving his vision in a set time record. “I have right from my childhood days visioned to be rich, relevant and international. I thank God that I achieved my vision five years earlier than I thought” said Dr Adetoyi while launching the book for his 50th birthday.

From a small flat at Ogba Lagos in 2003, he nurtured Hi-Nutrients International limited to become one of the largest feed and premix company in Nigeria to the admiration of European and American giants who now seek partnership with the company.

The book is all encompassing touching on employee/employer relationship, office politics, business proposals, fund sourcing, coping with challenges and many more ingredients of entrepreneurship.

Indeed, like leaders, entrepreneurs are made and not born. A careful reading of this book can train any person to become a wise and purposeful entrepreneur.


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