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It is generally accepted across all divides that ‘where there are no rules, there will be no offenders’. But when there are laws and regulations ‘ignorance of the law also becomes untenable”.

As a livestock farmer, animal scientist, veterinarian or livestock technologist, do you know of the extant laws that guide the practice of your chosen profession? Anyone who keeps, slaughter, transport, process or sell livestock and pet animals deserves to know and master all the relevant laws and regulations guiding his job.

In his latest book “Introduction to Animal Science/Husbandry Jurisprudence and Practice”, Dr Oyedele Oyediji, the pioneer Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of Nigerian Institute of Animal Science, laid out all the facts around jurisprudence in animal husbandry practice.

What are Acts, Regulations, Code of Practice (COP), Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and Minimum Operating Procedures (MOP) guiding the practice of animal husbandry in Nigeria; what is the process for enacting the laws; which organization and association are involved and; which bodies are responsible for enforcing the laws. These are some of the basics dealt with in the new book.

The 154 page book which contains ten chapters and five appendixes reflect the sagacity of the author, first as a brilliant student of livestock jurisprudence at veterinary school, Jos, Nigeria and then as an active player in the drafting of many laws and regulations guiding animal production in Nigeria today.

The book couldn’t have come at a better time than now, when the livestock industry is witnessing influx of investors with little or no formal training in animal production disciplines; animal science students are not well informed on the laws governing the profession which they are being trained to ply and; many professionals still cannot distinguish between being a farmer and a scientist.

Any livestock and pet stakeholder who wish to practise his/her profession or trade within the ambit of the livestock laws would certainly need to get a copy of “Introduction to Animal Science/Husbandry Jurisprudence and Practice” by  Dr Oyedele Oyediji. Copies of the books are on the shelves of major bookshops across Nigeria and could also be ordered directly from the author. Contact oyedeleoyediji@yahoo.com or 08033201272. LIVESTONEWS.

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