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livestonews logoJuly 1, 2019 will mark a significant date in the annals of Nigeria livestock industry because on this day LIVESTONEWS website is debuted. And one may ask what is really significant about LIVESTONEWS. Let me take you through the menus on this site ( and then you decide if it is not worth celeberating.

LIVESTONEWS is a news site wholly devoted to information on the livestock industry in Nigeria as well as international livestock information considered to be relevant to Nigeria. The site is hinged on six menus: News, Articles, Market, Events, Research and Development and, Media.

NEWS – This is the most conspicuous aspect of the site and will contain trending news items on the policies and activities of government (and its agencies) on animal agriculture in Nigeria, activities of livestock companies, firms and farms as well as individual stakeholders in the livestock industry. LIVESTONEWS will strive to publish authenticated, fresh and primary news from all over the country.

ARTICLES – This section will publish opinions, views and thoughts of any stakeholders in the industry as long as the content is found to be ethically okay. Some important stakeholders in the industry have been invited as columnist whose articles will be regularly featured. This section will also feature interviews with personalities as well as profiling of companies, products or any other issues in the industry. The opinions expressed are solely those of the authors and does not necessarily represent the position of LIVESTONEWS.

MARKET – Information is key for a thriving business. This is why LIVESTONEWS deem it necessary to publish the weekly market prices of key imputs of livestock business. The current prices of day old chicks, feed, concentrate and premixes from the different manufacturers will be updated on a weekly basis.  Prices of outputs such as eggs, live animals, meat and milk will also be published.  It is the intention of LIVESTONEWS to make every stakeholder in the industry (farmers, middlemen and consumers) to be abreast of the price dynamics and take advantages where necessary.

EVENTS – Several workshops, conferences and exhibitions in the livestock industry often hold unnoticed by those who actually desire them. This is why LIVESTONEWS will feature information on workshops, meetings, conferences, product exhibition and launch holding in Nigeria. International events relevant to Nigerian stakeholders will also be featured.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT – It is often wrongly assumed that Nigerian researchers are bereft of innovative ideas and most research results almost always end up on the shelf. They are kept far away from been useful to the actual end users. LIVESTONEWS intend to bridge the gap between the researchers and end users by publishing concise summary of research results emanating from the research institutions. Perhaps somebody’s unworthy results are just what is needed to lift a farmer or company into prosperity.

MEDIA – Trending pictures and videos of events and activities in the livestock industry will be published.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Nigeria livestock industry is underreported, misrepresented and undervalued. The population of livestock animals in Nigeria is more than ten-fold that of human. These animals also serve as the trunk upon which many households rest their backbones. The headline livestock news today is mainly political and even at that the most vocal cannot be said to be the best authority.  How illogical it sound that there are only two livestock research institutes in Nigeria today (National Animal Production Research Institute and National Veterinary Research Institutes) to cater for the interest of over 7 species of livestock animals, compared to over 20 crop based research institutes.

That the Nigerian Livestock industry is a multi trillion naira sector is an unreported fact. Important occurrences in the industry at micro and macro levels are often unreported or hidden under major headlines. LIVESTONEWS intends to tackle these shortcomings headlong. It however requires the support of all stakeholders in the industry. Everyone can be a correspondent for this news site. You can submit news items or articles through and be rest assured that it will get published once it is judged relevant.

In conclusion, LIVESTONEWS is the creation and project of LIVESTOTECH CONSULT LIMITED, a private limited liability company. LIVESTONEWS is not a mouth organ for any organization (private or public) and will never be.

I welcome everyone visiting this site for the first time a jolly ride with me as we journeyed together and drive the Nigeria livestock industry to lofty heights.


S. Idowu Ola PhD

Editor in Chief

Copyright Livestonews.
All Rights Reserved. All materials from Livestonews can be reproduced, published, broadcasted, redristributed and shared in whole or in part only with due acknowledgement / reference of Livestonews as the source.


  1. This is a good start for the Nigerian Livestock industry!
    I’m glad to be here.

    I will however suggest that the services of a professional Language editor be employed for the purpose of script editing according to international standards.

    Thank you for this great leap!

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