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On the first day of July 2019, LIVESTONEWS debuted as an online news site with whole focus on the Nigerian livestock industry. The mission was to bring livestock related happenings from the nooks and corners of Nigeria to the hearings of all stakeholders in the most efficient way possible. To us at Livestotech Consult Limited, the publisher of Livestonews, July 1st of every year will remain a special day as it marks our resolve to change the narratives of the Nigerian livestock industry for good.

Over the past one year, with only six correspondents across the country assisting the editor, we have reported 85 news headlines and featured 20 articles. Of course you would say we are still underreporting but, we take pride in being in the lead of reporting the forgotten and relegated but mainstream stories. We are not yet where we wish to be, but we are certainly marching on.

Within its first year of operation, Livestonews site was visited 76,500 times by 43,008 visitors that viewed over 525, 400 pages on the site. It is indeed gladdening to report that the number of hits on Livestonews in this past one year surpassed the one million benchmark. The June 5, 2020 report on the handing over of the National Livestock Training Center to NIAS by the FMARD was the most read with almost 2,000 views. As envisaged and desired Livestonews is being read the world over. United States of America, Nigeria and Indonesia were the topmost countries of IP related addresses with 50,552, 12,692 and 3,682 pages visited, respectively.

It should be pointed out that news reports is just one of the five cardinals on Livestonews. The other aspects which have been less or non reported in the past one year includes: Articles, Market Survey, Research and Development and, Upcoming Events. Greater attention will now be shifted to these sections in the coming months. Nigerian livestock farmers deserves to know, the market prices of the different imputs in an undisguised form, which of the research outcomes of our academics could find ready applications to improve their productivity and, what events are planned for them to attend that will benefit their business. These are the lofty visions of Livestonews as we are poised to make relevant information available to the farmers without stress.

Perhaps it is appropriate to introduce here another project of Livestotech Consult Limited called the NIGERIA LIVESTOCK DIRECTORY. It is a directory of everything livestock in Nigeria covering livestock farms, companies, products, institutions, organizations and consultants. It is domiciled at and will be unveiled very soon.

We have received suggestions to venture into hardcopy publication of Livestonews. It would please me a lot if you could add your own view by helping to answer the four short questions below. Your response will assist us to take the best decision and you should be rest assured that whatever information submitted will not be used for any other purpose.

As you celebrate our one year anniversary with us, we wish to appreciate your support and patronage. The past year has been an amazing year for all of us and we assure you of more exciting updates this new year. Thank you for being with Livestonews  :

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Professor S. Idowu Ola, Editor of Livestonews


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